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GGE IT Support Services

IT Support Services

Your business needs IT support to maintain smooth operations, avoid costly downtime, and actively monitor your network to ensure you stay open for business. Furthermore, there may be ongoing IT functions that are critical to your operation that are currently unmanaged. Many times the in-house cost involved for an IT support team is too large to bear for small and medium-sized businesses. GGE Solutions provides professional IT support and managed services that will fit your budget while maintaining your business’ efficiency.

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What are IT Support Services?

Technology is inherent in many business operations today and must be managed just like any other part of the business. The more technology is incorporated into your business, the greater the need for those IT functions to receive hands-on support. If a business decides to forego this, problems will arise sooner or later and the cost involved will likely be greater than the investment attached to active, ongoing support. Many businesses have learned this lesson the hard way through an IT disaster, blatantly labeled as the break-fix model. 

IT support services with GGE Solutions will boost efficiency for your business in a secure and proactive manner. We have the resources and capabilities to ensure that your business continues to experience smooth operations for critical day-to-day activities. 

You’ll also find that our IT support services can be tailored to your specific operation and business needs. Whether you have an in-house IT department and need only marginal support or you would like us to manage the entirety of your IT framework, GGE Solutions is well-prepared to support your business.

GGE IT Support Services Framework

Many IT support services fall under the vast guise of three distinct categories. Some industries will require specific IT services that may seem peculiar to the more common variety. In any case, many IT services that GGE Solutions regularly provide are part of the three-tier framework listed below.


Monitoring services include client and employee-specific confidential information that can be vulnerable to attack. Proactive monitoring of the business network can save your business from disaster and this is where GGE Solutions shines brightest. Quickly responding to these particular needs can save downtime for your business or an information leak. The best part of monitoring services is that they can be used in conjunction with any sector of your business.


Designing the needs of a business from a technology perspective is no easy task. You want your IT infrastructure to supplement your daily operations and help you achieve not only your goals today, but be able to scale with the growth of your business. GGE Solutions can strategize with you and implement an IT infrastructure plan that will give you the support you need for all of your operational needs. In addition to creating your business infrastructure, we can also provide ongoing support and warranty the design that we implement. No one knows your business better than you, which is why we consult with you on important operational aspects from day one.

Active Support

Active support includes the day-to-day IT needs that your employees or clients may encounter throughout the network. Whenever live help is required, an IT expert is readily available to assist through live chat or over the phone. This may even include a dedicated helpdesk for businesses that require a greater level of support.

Specific Support Services Offered by GGE Solutions

Underneath these three different categories, there are a plethora of support services that may be viable options for your specific business. GGE Solutions offers these services under the banner of IT support, but can also be included in an all-inclusive managed service model.

Data Storage

Most companies need to store data for their continued operations. This could be anything from employee records to purchases or any pertinent information for the business. Data storage secures this information in an agreed-upon location with the client. There are several options for where information can be kept including in the cloud, in an off-site data center, or through an in-house data center. Many companies are turning to the cloud for greater flexibility and lower overall cost, while some clients maintain their information through the other options. We can prioritize your preference based on these factors.

Email Services

We understand that there are an infinite number of email service providers and depending on the needs of a business, you may use one of several different options. In business operations, email support is always needed and the support provided by some email services will not guarantee you the attention to detail that you require or the level of attention you deserve. GGE Solutions prioritizes your requests with punctual fulfillment with our email support services. Whether it’s credential resets, creation or removal of accounts, email storage solutions, or proactive security test emails to your employees, we will keep your email needs front and center.

Backup Services

As valuable data builds up over time, it needs to be housed securely and frequently backed up to ensure it is there when you need it. Regular backups are the antidote to a network failure and can bring you back online speedily. GGE Solutions can create a regular backup schedule for your data and ensure it is housed securely from potential threats.

Helpdesk & User Support

As discussed previously, user support can aid your employees when they run into IT questions or issues throughout their day. Our experts understand the systems that you use every day and provide support to any problem you may encounter. Most issues are rectified through phone and chat support, but when required, onsite visits may be utilized.

Network Monitoring

GGE Solutions provides proactive monitoring for your business network to ensure that you always have a watchful eye on your IT infrastructure. Our monitoring services will quickly identify any interaction that warrants investigation while ensuring that your business has the best IT protection from the brightest experts in the industry today.

Benefits of IT Support Services

There are several distinct benefits to working with GGE Solutions. We want to be a part of your business growth and see you attain great things. Here are the added benefits of partnering with us for your support services.

Consistency of Business Operations

No business wants to experience constant hiccups in their service offerings or their internal operations due to technology challenges. We take downtime seriously because we know it affects the bottom line. GGE Solutions will ensure that your business operations remain consistent and are executed smoothly. With our dedicated IT experts, your business will experience high-quality support.

More Productive IT Team

Our IT experts know the services that we offer inside and out and we are well versed in resolving IT-related issues. Even more so, we’re proactive in safeguarding your IT infrastructure from downtime and maximizing the efficiency of internal systems. That is why GGE Solutions should be your go-to team for IT support.

Reduced Cost

Hiring an in-house IT team is a costly investment that can be hit or miss in the real world. IT departments consistently have to prioritize conflicting goals in order to move the needle from a business perspective while also adapting to changes in the industry. Even with a team in place, you may find your business blindsided by downtime or something more serious while also paying for the exorbitant cost of IT expert salaries. GGE Solutions can provide consistent results in all areas of your business at a fraction of the in-house cost. Better performance, greater efficiency, and lower costs are the achievements we excel at every day.

Stand Alone or as Part of Our Managed Services

IT services play a crucial role in any company, regardless of the industry. Luckily, IT support services can be implemented as a stand-alone service or as a part of our managed IT services. At GGE Solutions, we can provide you with both options at affordable prices.


What Organizations are a Good Fit for this Solution?

Are you running your business without an in-house IT team? Are you concerned about the continued operation of your business, but don’t have visibility into your IT performance? Do you want to see growth or scale your business, but need help with the planning and strategy from a technological perspective? Then give us a call and let’s discuss where you are and where you would like to go.

What Do IT Services Include?

While we expounded upon some of the IT support services above, there are many support options that we didn’t include. Some of our most popular offerings include 24/7 monitoring, data storage, helpdesk support, cloud computing, and VoIP services.

Why Do I Need Software Support?

Having software and technical support will help your business remain competitive. By executing business processes efficiently and accurately, you’ll be able to provide something that others won’t have. Moreover, it can help you maximize your profitability by ensuring that everything works as it should and that you won’t suffer from too much downtime.