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Managed IT Services Asheville, NC

Managed IT Services Asheville, NC

Is IT a barrier to your business progress? Do you need an IT infrastructure that can scale with your business growth? Is your network secure and positioned to recognize security threats before they become a problem? Does your IT staff sometimes need expert support?

Welcome to GGE Solutions. We provide affordable, custom managed IT services in Asheville based upon your specific IT challenges. We strategically assess your IT pain points and build a custom solution that incorporates our managed IT services. With our managed IT services, your business will experience a world-class support team made up of IT experts who partner with you and ensure your business has the technological resources to succeed each and every day.

Managed IT Services

There are multiple components to our managed IT service model. Below are the main services we offer under the managed IT services umbrella. Need a stand-alone solution for your business? No problem! We’d love to discuss how we can provide IT support to your business.

IT Support Services in Asheville, NC

With our Asheville IT Support Services, our team of support specialists provide help desk support to your IT staff and end users. IT support services provide robust support within your organization so you and your Asheville business continue to operate at optimal speed. Some of the day-to-day tasks a support specialist may conduct are answering IT help desk questions, monitoring and maintaining computer system functionality, updating hardware and software configurations, and setting up or modifying user accounts. IT support services comes as a stand-alone service or as part of a fully managed IT service package. 

Services Include:

  • Reliable IT Support for Small & Medium-Sized Businesses
  • Rapid Response IT Help Desk
  • PC, Mac and Mobile Devices Support
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Microsoft Services

Microsoft 365 Managed Services in Asheville

Many businesses choose Microsoft 365 managed services in Asheville as their go-to platform for internal and external communications, but becoming an expert in all of the Microsoft service offerings can be challenging. With our Microsoft services in Asheville we not only ensure professional design and implementation of these services, but we go the extra mile to ensure that you are proficient users of everything Microsoft has to offer your business. We will investigate how you can boost your productivity via new platforms, and how you can maximize Microsoft’s potential. We simplify the learning experience so you can adapt to Microsoft’s best services with ease.

Services Include:

  • Microsoft Licensing & Selection Management
  • Integration of Microsoft Applications with your Critical Business Software & Processes
  • Design & Implementation of Microsoft 365 Installations & Upgrades
  • Design & Implementation of other Microsoft 365 Related Projects

Cloud Migration for Asheville Businesses

Cloud Migration is popular due to the flexibility and cost savings associated with cloud technology versus on-premise infrastructure. This gives Asheville businesses a smoother, less expensive, and more productive platform to store their applications and data. GGE Solutions takes care of the entire cloud migration process. We aim to understand your specific business needs and provide a solution that is efficient for how you operate your business. We will help you think through which aspects of your business should be migrated to the cloud and create a migration strategy that will help your future growth.

Services included:

  • Migration from any Platform to any Cloud
  • Post Acquisition IT Integration & Consolidation
Cloud Migration
GGE Network Solutions network management

IT Infrastructure Management in Asheville

IT Infrastructure Management involves monitoring support and maintenance for all key aspects of your digital infrastructure to keep all systems functioning efficiently. We will build, operate, and maintain a dependable IT infrastructure for your Asheville business. Your business will discover that proper infrastructure management holds many benefits including reduced costs, proactive management of devices and networks, and early threat mitigation.

Services Include:

  • Equipment Performance Monitoring
  • Active Directory & Domain Consolidation
  • Disaster Recovery Services
  • Data Backup & Recovery
  • User Equipment Depot

Server & Network Management in Asheville

Network and server downtimes directly impact a business’s ability to execute operations and take care of customers. GGE Solutions will actively monitor all aspects of your network and ensure you have the bandwidth necessary to complete every activity your Asheville business demands. Our experienced IT professionals will ensure you enjoy reliable network connectivity that doesn’t break the bank.

Services Include:

  • Bandwidth/Network Infrastructure
  • VOIP & Internet
  • Server & Network Maintenance
  • Server & Network Monitoring
  • Server & Network Support
  • Server & Network Security
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose managed IT services?

There are several benefits to choosing managed IT services. Besides the financial benefits, your business will realize an increase in productivity through the most effective management of internal systems. Our IT experts will tackle your existing needs from a proactive mindset — we’ve done this many times before and can address not only your current needs but those down the road. Your business will also receive best-in-class security services and improved technology solutions while working with industry experts.

What are the financial benefits of IT managed services?

Managed IT services outsource the financial responsibility for IT staffing and operations. The decision to bring in managed IT services will smooth and lower monthly IT operational costs and significantly reduce IT capital budget requirements.

What things should I consider when looking for managed IT services?

Consider your business needs and limitations. Do you need managed services to supplement your current IT staff? Not a problem. GGE Solutions can share the burden of your IT department and fill in the gaps that you currently can’t cover. Don’t have an IT department for your business? We can also manage your entire IT needs at a monthly cost well below the typical costs of a fully staffed in-house IT department.

What are infrastructure management services?

Infrastructure management is an all-inclusive term for the operational and technical components of your business. This includes hardware, software, policies, data, security equipment, and more. The key that holds all of that together is to ensure that these critical assets reliably improve the everyday effectiveness of your business operation.

Asheville NC

Located in Western North Carolina, Asheville is a picturesque city with gorgeous views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The city is well known for its eclectic downtown scene, numerous galleries and art studios, and historic architecture. Aside from its wide array of outdoor adventures, the Asheville region consists of a diverse, multi-billion dollar economy with key drivers that include manufacturing, healthcare, and hospitality.

GGE partners with our Asheville customers, implementing and administering fully unified cloud communications programs and project-based support so CIOs and their IT teams can focus on driving long-term customer value.

Asheville NC